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    Aurora DSP Releases FenrIR FREE Impulse Response Loader Plugin


    Aurora DSP has announced the release of FenrIR, a free impulse loader plugin that allows the blending of impulse responses.

    With FenrIR, Aurora DSP aims to provide the most effortless impulse response loading possible. You can simply drag and drop IR files, blend them, and play. You can see in real-time the changes you make in the resulting waveform and spectrum, also export the IR you just made to a WAV file.

    You can quickly switch between files within the same folder (separate folder tracked for each file). The transient indicator guide simplifies the process of aligning the waveforms while zooming in helps you make really precise time changes.

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    • Real-time IR mixing with output IR visualization
    • Output IR WAV export
    • Time and polarity adjustment for each impulse response
    • Transient indicator system for easy phase alignment
    • Drag-and-drop file import
    • Separate folder tracking for each IR for quick file swapping
    • Full scaling of UI up to 4k

    FenrIR comes preloaded with a pack of custom impulse response files from Aurora DSP and SinMix.

    This plugin is available for Windows and macOS, in AAX, VST3 and AU formats. On the product page, you can also download a PDF manual. Keep in mind that adding to cart is required, as well as a free account at Aurora DSP.

    More information: Aurora DSP

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