Cl!cK FREE Percussion Virtual Instrument

Reflekt Audio has announced the release of Cl!cK, a free percussion virtual instrument that features a clicky type sound.

Cl!cK was sampled from a little plastic castanet. It is a simple instrument, do not expect too many knobs to turn on or tweak. There are just two knobs you can play with, namely volume and reverb, their placement simulating more or less, a castanet.

Multiple castanet recordings were made. And thanks to the round-robin, you’ll avoid the machine gun effect, hence you will have a pretty good dose of realism in your productions.

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Cl!cK has a size of 149.3 MB (unzipped) and is compatible with most major DAWs (excluding Pro Tools) running on Windows (VST) and macOS (VST/AU), 64-bit supported.

A similar instrument by the same developer is Bottle Pop – it has the sounds of a soda bottle.

More information: Reflekt Audio

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