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    Moonlab Releases Clean Shave FREE Sub Filter Effect Plugin


    Moonlab has released Clean Shave, a free sub filter effect plugin for Windows and macOS.

    As the name may suggest, with Clean Shave you can clean up and create space in your mixes. This simple yet modern filter plugin with variable slope promises to remove the unnecessary low frequencies in a quick and precise way.

    You can use Clean Shave at the beginning of your chain to clean and prepare your sound for mixing or further processing. Or for example, you can create space for drum and bass in a track. You are some kind of sound barber, but let’s see next what your tools are.

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    Looking at the plugin, you will notice three main rotary knobs and a small switch.

    Labeled as “Cut”, it’s the front selector for an IIR digital highpass filter, perfect to remove unwanted bass frequencies and mud. “Blades” changes the behavior of the filter, from natural and musical attenuation to a super precise and surgical cut. It is ideal for sound design applications or aggressive filtering.

    The sound “shaving” process ends with “Aftershave”, of course, because you have to add some air and freshness. Lastly “PWR” is a smooth true bypass button, with no clicks and pops.

    Clean Shave is available in VST (Windows) and VST/AU (macOS) plugin versions.

    More information: Moonlab

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