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    Computer Music Is Giving Away 8,600 FREE Samples & 90 FREE Plugins!


    For the duration of the Music Technology Show 2020, Computer Music magazine and MusicRadar, are giving away for free CM’s Best Ever Sample Collection and the complete CM Plugin Suite.

    There are 21 sample packs in total, 8GB of content, and 8,600 samples, separated into three downloads, On the other side, the complete CM Plugin Suite comes with more than 90 free plugins for Windows and macOS.

    In detail, there are around 15 synths, 5 drum machines, a couple of samplers, 11 other instruments, and many effect plugins also.

    Here is the full list of plugins:


    • Freestyle CM
    • StiX CM
    • AutoTonic CM
    • B-Step CM
    • Bazille CM
    • Enkl CM
    • Nora CM
    • Grooove CM
    • vielklang 2 CM
    • miniBit CM
    • Bass Engine CM
    • Beat Machine CM
    • XILS 3 CM
    • Cream CM
    • Einklang CM
    • Enzyme CM
    • Aalto CM
    • Cableguys Curve 2 CM
    • SynthMaster CM
    • RG-Muted CM
    • XFadeLooper CM
    • ADM CM
    • Dune CM
    • PolyKB II CM
    • Cumulus
    • Alchemy Player CM
    • Plucked String
    • ZebraCM
    • RhinoCM
    • AlphaCM
    • CM-505


    • Litote CM
    • FreMo
    • Ignite VST Areena
    • AF2-10 CM
    • Maximal 2 CM
    • The Orb CM
    • Pink CM
    • Panagement CM
    • U530 CM
    • PSP cmDelay
    • Vice One
    • DeeMonitor
    • Frontier Mastering Limiter
    • TS-1 CM
    • Graffio CM
    • Sibalance CM
    • BassAmp CM
    • Agent CM
    • CrossDr CM
    • SunRuys CM
    • 6X-500 CM
    • Scope
    • SideWidener
    • DrumShaper
    • G8 CM
    • GrindMachine CM
    • STA Enhancer CM
    • ValveFilter CM
    • CM Verb
    • RP-Distort CM
    • Transector CM
    • Program EQ CM
    • Barricade CM
    • Eurydice CM
    • Snap
    • PreMix CM
    • Spiral CM
    • CM-COMP 87
    • WaveShaper CM
    • Hornet Fat-FET
    • Wolfram CM
    • CM-EQUA87
    • Satson CM
    • CM EQ Pack
    • Amplifikation CM
    • MHarmonizer CM
    • Philta CM
    • Reverberate CM
    • KR-Delay CM
    • KR-Reverb CM
    • Artillery2 CM
    • FreqAnalyst CM
    • Ohmygod!

    Read all the details about how to get these free samples and plugins at MusicRadar.

    You can download them all for free only for the duration of the show (it will end on 31th October), so hurry up!

    More information: MusicRadar

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      • A couple of days ago I was able to make a subscription. After confirming through email the subscription I have not been able to access anything but their home page. Now today that the promotion is over the site works. This smells super fishy to me. I get the fact that we’re leaching free stuff but to be duped by computer music and filesilo to sign up for a service that I have now found out was hacked a couple of years ago leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Now that I can access the site the first thing I did was delete my account. Sometimes you find a gem in this free stuff but for now I think I will stick with my paid plugins and samples.

        • With all that amazing stuff being given away I guess it makes sense that they were overloaded. I gotta apologize for my previous statement. I missed the boat on the download but its cool. Its like a lottery big prize big crowd.

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