808303.studio FREE Browser-Based App Featuring TR-808 & TB-303

Roland and Yuri Suzuki have teamed up with the Design Museum to create 808303.studio, a free browser-based app featuring virtual emulations of the classic TR-808 Rhythm Composer Drum Machine and the TB-303 Bass Line Synthesizer.

808303.studio came up in response to the global pandemic when museums have been forced to reimagine how visitors interact and engage. Roland says their app is a fun and educational music creation platform and online learning experience.

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808303.studio features TR-808 and TB-303 emulations side by side. They’re presented in a modern and accessible way and you can easily create grooves, record, and download & share your creations via social pages. Both have step sequencers, plus as highlights, there’s a “Random” button on TB-303 and an artificial intelligence selector on the TR-808.

See this fun tutorial by A Guy Called Gerald:

808303.studio is a free to use browser application.

Visit: Roland 808303.studio

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