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    Waves Is Giving Away OneKnob Wetter Reverb Plugin for FREE

    Until September 28th only, Waves offers its OneKnob Wetter reverb plugin for free. Although the offer is mainly addressed to Myloops users, anyone can download it for free, the only condition being to be registered at Waves.

    Wetter was also given for free at the end of 2019, more precisely on Cyber Monday. But here it is again, “resurrected” and with a new given target – Myloops users. And beside them, the rest of us.

    As the name suggests, OneKnob Wetter is part of the in/famous “OneKnob” lineup, an easy to use plugin series. Easy to use is subjective since is just a knob. But that knob adds instant depth and dimension to any track. Further, Waves advertise it as a quick solution for bigger vocals, drums and more, being suitable for anything from short, bright ambiences, to longer, darker reverb spaces.

    There’s also an official video demo, simple as the plugin itself:

    As compatibility, OneKnob Wetter comes in many plugin formats, such as VST, AU & AAX for both Windows and macOS.

    The free offer is valid until September 28th, 2020.

    More information: Waves

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