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    Riot Audio Releases Digital Analog Clouds Kontakt Instrument (Intro Offer)

    Riot Audio has announced the release of Digital Analog Clouds, a brand new Kontakt instrument featuring hybrid morphing pads.

    Digital Analog Clouds was created in collaboration with composer and sound designer Simone Vallecorsa, also known under his electronic music alias Aeph. The instrument consists of a set of morphing pads created with a hybrid analog/digital pathway involving modular effects and a mix of organic and synthetic sources.

    DAC allows the user to instantly create rich evolving pad sounds for film scores, trailers, ambient and electronic music. Its sonic palette ranges from bubbling warm synth-like sounds, via ominous airy soundscapes to dissonant, gritty atonal textures. The overall tone is dark and gritty. This makes Digital Analog Clouds suitable for a variety of moods and genres – from EDM and trap to sci-fi trailer music and horror film scores.

    Presented as a simple one-page instrument with a clean, easy to grasp user interface, it allows for control of parameters such as the amount and speed of the pre-programmed dynamic morphing between the sublayers, also the absolute levels of all three octaves. You can crossfade between the main layers A & B, add effects (tape distortion, bandpass filter frequency, delay and reverb), or tweak the three-band parametric EQ with musical & broad Qs.


    • multi-layer morphing pad instrument
    • 10 instrument patches
    • 12 layers of sound in each instrument: A/B layers with two sublayers each and a 3-octave spread
    • 6 presets per instrument = 60 sound presets in total
    • Lexicon reverb modeling
    • based on Riot Audio’s proprietary CLOUDS engine using Kontakts AET Filter morphing capabilities
    • the total size of sampled content is 2.64 GB
    • instant rich, evolving pad textures

    Digital Analog Clouds requires a full version of Kontakt 5.8+ (Kontakt Player not supported). It is available at an intro price of £39 (£59 regular) until October 7th, 2020.

    More information: Riot Audio

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