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    Odin’s Box Free Kontakt Libraries Released by Pyjama Planet


    Following the successful Cello Choir & Pad, Pyjama Planet has released Odin’s Box, another free Kontakt library, with the same dose of originality as its predecessor.

    Speaking of originality, Odin’s Box is made out of synth sounds built from the hum of an electrical transformer. Is split into three individual instruments as follows:

    • Odin’s Box 1, a synth piano made from the raw sample of the transformer. With it, you can create fast-paced melodies, or you can use it as a simple sine wave pad.
    • Odin’s Box 2 – synth that mimics a classic church organ. It is sourced from an original transformer sample plus lots of modulations and reverb. This instrument can be used as an organ, a synth pad, or even a drone.
    • Odin’s Box 3 is a synth pad made from applying subtle distortion and reverb to the original sample. Is perfect for smooth and dreamlike backing pads, or ominous drones.

    These instruments require a full version of Kontakt 5.8 or above (not compatible with Kontakt Player).

    Besides free products, on Pyjama Planet site you will also find a series of quality instruments at extremely low prices. For example, with $9 you can buy Metal Bass, a cool heavy metal bass guitar. Or with only $3 you can grab Berlin Honky Piano, an old-school sounding Honkytonk piano. There’s a big sale on their website, so make sure you check all their Kontakt instruments.

    More information: Pyjama Planet

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