Indian Ad-Libs Vocals by Planet Samples

HighLife Samples has announced the release of Indian Ad-Libs Vocals, a brand new sample pack by Planet Samples.

The Indian ad-lib vocals were recorded at 128 BPM and are suitable for Psychedelic Trance, EDM, and more. There is a total of 100 vocal loops, half dry and half processed. For ease of use, they were labelled with key and BPM information. Also, the dry versions allow you to add your own effects to taste. Plus the vocals can be chopped to create new arrangements and melody ideas.

All the included audio material is recorded in high audio quality and is 100% royalty-free.

Indian Ad-Libs Vocals is available now starting at £9.99 GBP. If you use coupon code PRODUCERFEED at the checkout you will get a 30% discount. The coupon is applicable on everything at HighLife Samples.

More information: HighLife Samples

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