Free Innervelt

Puremagnetik has announced the release Innervelt “Dark Haze Machine”, a free effect plugin for Windows (VST) and macOS (Audio Units & VST).

This is the followup of another unusual effect plugin by Puremagnetik, the Strata, a “Particle Tape Loop Device” that was free throughout June this year.

Innervelt is a “Dark Haze Machine” that captures incoming audio and processes it through an unconventional order of effects. A Chebyshev waveshaper distorts the signal as it passes through an algorithmic space. The space effect itself is modulated by a variable sample and hold circuit, causing subtle to dramatic swells and pulses in the dry to wet ratio.

The entire chain is then sampled by a short looper that can be truncated and blended with the original signal, on-the-fly. With the MEMORY control, you can easily create variations, stutter effects and new phrases of ambient washes.

Innervelt is available at Bandcamp and is included with Micah Frank’s Noontide album – you can add any price or “0” if you want it for free. Keep in mind the free promotion is valid until October 15th.

More information: Puremagnetik

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