Flandersh Tech Releases Tonetta Blue FREE Semi-Modular Polyphonic Synthesizer

Flandersh Tech has announced the release of Tonetta Blue, a free semi-modular 8-voices polyphonic synthesizer plugin for Windows.

The sound is generated by 2 oscillators with 19 custom waveforms each, 2 analog-style filters, curve & LFO modulation, and a shapeable waveshaper. As effect units, you will find convolution reverb, modular EQ, and modular delay.

Tonetta Blue has two panels. The main one is a clutter-free environment for quick tweaking of the sound.

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The backside panel is a modular environment for additional modulation of the sound: internal and additional signal sources and destinations, signal splitter and mixer, step sequencer, modular effects etc.

Tonetta Blue is a VST3 (64-bit) virtual instrument for DAWs and plugin hosts running on Windows.

And while you visit Flandersh Tech, you may like another plugin of them, a free delay called Scorpion Multitap.

More information: Flandersh Tech

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