All Samples From Mars 909 Packs are $5 Each for a Limited Time

    Samples From Mars has announced the Happy 9/09 Day sale, offering three 909 sample libraries at just $5 each.

    It’s our last TR holiday of the year and in celebration of this glorious drum machine, we’re offering all of our 909 packs for just $5 each.

    So, if you wanna add some flavor to your 909 samples, or if you don’t have any yet (!!), now would be the time.

    The $5 packs are:

    909 From Mars – Sample From Mars’ flagship 909 pack, featuring a large batch of clean and processed 909 one hits – racked and ready for your favorite DAW and samplers.

    909 Loops From Mars – An extensive collection of 909 loops, broken down into full beats, stripped beats, bass drums, hi-hats, and more. The loops are a quick and easy way to get a more authentic 909 sound than one-hits.

    SP 909 From Mars – The 909 sampled into the legendary SP 1200. Featuring perfectly tuned pitches of every 909 hit this is the pack for you if you’re after that gritty, re-sampled sound that only the SP can do.

    The $5 promotion will last until Sep 30th at 11:59 AM EST.

    More information: Samples From Mars

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