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    Grab Over 1,200 FREE Compressed 808 Drum Samples at samples.but.happy


    samples.but.happy has announced its “808 But More Compressed” sample pack is now available for free. Previously with a list price of $34.99, this 808 sample library brings no more or less than 1.256 drum shots!

    There has been a lot of writing about 808 drum sounds. Whether it’s virtual instruments or sample packs, every time they remind us that we never have enough 808s in our sound library. So it is now.

    But to find you an excuse, these 808’s are with a twist. They were all recorded through the legendary the Gates Sta-Level, hence the serious amount of compression.

    samples.but.happy told us:

    The Gates Sta-Level is one of those compressors that makes you say “:)”.

    Introduced to the world in 1956 for broadcast, the Sta-Level found its way into studios. Probably because people liked it. If history is any indicator – engineers were probably like “:)”.

    This is precisely why I processed some drums through it at varying intensities and recovery times (ours was modified to pull off such a feat).

    All samples are delivered in 24-bit WAV format. Inside you will see two main folders called “Maxed” and “Moderate” – and the fun part just begins. Each of these two folders contains three categories of samples depending on the compression release time. And of course, from such a meticulous guy we can only expect the samples to be divided according to the sound type. Therefore, you will find folders of kick drums, snares, toms, open hats, cymbals, congas, etc.

    The samples contained within “808 But More Compressed: sample pack are royalty-free, meaning they can be used in commercial productions too. Keep in mind the pack might be available for free for a limited time.

    So, do you have enough 808s?

    More information: samples.but.happy

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