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    Reflekt Audio Releases Bottle Pop Free ROMpler Instrument (VST/AU)


    Reflekt Audio has announced the release of Bottle Pop, a free virtual instrument (ROMpler) featuring the sounds captured from a soda bottle.

    Bottle Pop is a virtual instrument that has that blow airy sound.

    Have you ever blown on the top of an empty glass bottle? That’s what this plugin is! We took it a step further and we added some percussions as well from the glass soda bottle itself.

    This plugin is definitely unique to its kind and offers it’s users the ability to use new and unusual sounds, Also each sound was recorded in round robins style so the user gets a realistic feel and sound. This plugin is a no brainer for music makers across the globe not to mention it is free!

    Bottle Pop virtual instrument is available in VST (Windows) and VST/AU (macOS) plugin versions.

    More information: Reflekt Audio

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