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    Reel Feels Is a Free Collection of Synth Samples Recorded on Tape


    Jogging House has announced the release of Reel Feels, a free sample pack featuring synths, chords, basses and other samples recorded on 1/4″ tape.

    Reel Feels is a collection of sounds, made to spur creativity in tough times. From warm to weird, from luscious to lo-fi. All samples were generated with either analog oscillators or the kalimba. Then crushed to bits, bathed in noise or gently saturated. Recorded to 1/4″ tape and then spliced up for your sampling pleasure.

    The files are stereo and either tuned to C or have C as root note. Chords are major or minor as titled. So you should be able to integrated them rather easily in your jams.

    This sound pack is meant to be chopped apart, granulized, layered, filtered, drowned in reverb and all the other good things. Just dive in, explore the pieces and make them your own.

    All samples are royalty-free (can be used in both commercial or non-commercial projects).

    More information: Jogging House

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