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    Bobeats Releases 160 Free Analog Drum Samples with a Crunchy Feel

    Bobeats has announced the release of Crunchy Drums, a free sample pack featuring analog drum samples in 24-bit WAV format.

    Crunchy Drums contains a total of 161 one-shot drum sounds that have been created using various Eurorack modules. The sounds are arranged into 11 kits which represent different kinds of processing.

    The author says the pack is harsh, distorted and meant to be rough around the edges. There is no EQ on the sounds, meaning that you should definitely put an EQ on the drum bus if you think the sounds are too harsh. Also, filtering out a bit of the higher frequencies does a lot to tame the sound.

    In order to download the pack for free, just put “0” as the amount on the product page. Of course, you can donate any amount to the author.

    More information: Bobeats Gumroad

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