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    Apisonic Labs Releases Speedrum Lite Free Drum Sampler Instrument Plugin


    Apisonic Labs has announced the release of Speedrum Lite, a free drum/percussion sampler instrument plugin for Windows, macOS and Linux.

    Speedrum Lite allows you to drag and drop any WAV, AIFF, FLAC, MP3 and OGG files onto one of the 16 virtual pads and thus create custom percussive kits that you can save. Each pad can be sent to one of the 16 available outputs.

    The GUI displays the waveform of the loaded sample, also you can adjust the start and end of the sound, tweak the AHD envelope, apply high-pass and low-pass filters, adjust volume, pan, tone and velocity, the latter being used to modulate the volume.

    Speedrum Lite is currently in alpha 0.6 phase, so it may have some bugs. But so far, this plugin looks very promising – it’s like a boosted version of Sitala. You can choose between VST2/VST3 (Windows), VST2/VST3/AU (macOS) and VST2/VST3 (Linux) plugin versions.

    More information: Apisonic Labs

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