2B Clipped Free Distortion VST Plugin

2B Played has announced the release of 2B Clipped, a free distortion/clipper plugin for Windows.

2B Clipped is based on the distortion and filter engine that found on 2B Played’s top-selling plugin 2B Filtered.

At low values, the large distortion knob adds some character to the sound. But as soon as you open the distortion knob more than half, it will transform into a clip distortion. This means the plugin is suitable not only for adding subtle character to your sounds but also for completely overdriving it.

Another cool free distortion plugin is Wave Destroyer by GMH Audio.

2B Clipped is available in VST/VST3 64-bit plugin versions for Windows. In order to get the plugin, add it to the cart and fill in your details at checkout (on 2B Played website).

More information: 2B Played