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    Waves OneKnob Louder Is Free at Sonic Academy Until June 22nd

    Sonic Academy has announced that, until June 22nd, it is giving away for free OneKnob Louder plugin by Waves ($23 value).

    OneKnob Louder is a dynamic processor that uses a combination of peak limiting and low-level compression with automatic makeup gain that makes your tracks louder. So if your track has weak levels, rather than boost the peaks, OneKnob Louder will increase its RMS by up to 24 dB.


    • Easy-to-use dynamics plugin
    • Make tracks louder, up to 24 dB
    • Peak limiting and low-level compression with automatic makeup
    • Perfect for individual tracks and full mixes alike

    In order to get a copy of Waves OneKnob Louder for free, just create an account at Sonic Academy, then go to My Account/Rewards and retrieve your license code. Redeem it on the Waves website at (you’ll need a free account there too).

    The free promotion is valid until June 22nd, 2020.

    More information: Sonic Academy

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