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    SampleScience Introduces Cassette Roads Free ROMpler Instrument


    SampleScience has announced the release of Cassette Roads, a free VST/AU plugin for Windows and macOS.

    Cassette Roads is the sound of an electric piano recorded on the cassette. It’s the perfect plugin to create lo-fi beats to study to, or even better, vaporwave lullabies.

    The plugin appears to be made with Maize Sampler and features a quite simple interface with basic controls and units such as ADSR envelope, highpass/lowpass filter, 3-voice modes (poly, mono & legato), and room reverb. And since is a ROMpler, at the base of Cassette Roads stay 65.8 MB of samples (16-bit, 44.1kHz stereo WAV files).

    Pierre Parenteau (SampleScience) has been very prolific lately; his releases consist mainly of ROMplers (his specialty), with experimental & unique instruments including Resonance Piano, Synthetic Vortices and Analog Waveforms.

    Cassette Roads is available free of charge as a VST/VST3/AU plugin for Windows and macOS.

    More information: SampleScience

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