Three Free VST Organ Plugins Based on Vintage Instruments

Planet Botch has announced the release of three free VST organ plugins with highly accurate sonic reproduction and some unusual features.

All three are key-splittable for simulated dual-manual operation across a single input keyboard. Here are the individual summaries.

Clonewheel VXK
Clonewheel VXK

Clonewheel VXK emulates the sound of an early 1980s “K-type” analogue clonewheel organ and was modeled alongside the actual product. It has all the expected features, including the highly distinctive electronic rotary effect, percussion with tonewheel-style monophonic envelope, classic vibrato/chorus, and the characteristic mild overdrive. The drawbar foldback is correct for the instrument, and the VSTi simulates two virtual manuals split across a single keyboard.

Vintage Ultima
Vintage Ultima

Vintage Ultima is an extremely versatile organ/synth VSTi, based on some of the most sophisticated analogue organs of the 1970s. The tone voices are individually selectable per footage so you can get a huge range of sounds, from a church organ, through a string machine, to a YC45D style stage organ. The Vintage Ultima also features:

  • Wind and decay envelopes.
  • A solid-state type rotary tremolo channel.
  • A dual chorus section with vibrato.
  • The long-forgotten “susverb” effect.
  • A versatile attack section with “swell” capabilities.
  • Variable foldback.
  • Full splitting with two virtual manuals and virtual bass pedals across one input keyboard, etc.

When engaged, the bass tracks the lowest note in any left-hand chord.


Undercult is inspired by a Vox Continental Super II combo organ, but it pushes the sound through a grungey, and very convincing, close-miked tube type rotary. Once again, it’s fully splittable, with two manuals plus bass available across a single input keyboard. It can also route the sound through an onboard 1960s style guitar combo amp, or deliver a direct, untreated output. The overdrive and mic position are variable.

See also: HaNon B70 free virtual organ by Lostin70s

These plugins are available in Windows VST 32-bit plugin format. Full details and user guides can be found on the individual download pages.

More information: Planet Botch

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