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    Full Bucket Music Releases Fury-800 Free Virtual Synthesizer (VST/AU)

    Full Bucket Music has announced the release of Fury-800, a free virtual synthesizer plugin for Windows and macOS.

    Fury-800 simulates the KORG Poly-800 polyphonic synthesizer from 1983 and is written in native C++ code for high performance even on “lighter” systems.


    • Two band-limited DCOs with individual envelope generators
    • Two waveforms with additive harmonics (16′, 8′, 4′, 2′)
    • Single (paraphonic) lowpass VCF and Noise
    • On-board sequencer and Chord Memory
    • Pseudo-stereo Chorus effect
    • Tweaks:
      • Up to 64 voices polyphony with Velocity
      • “God Mode” for real polyphony
      • Continuous parameter values and direct access
    • Resizable user interface
    • MIDI Learn – all parameters can be controlled by MIDI CC

    Fury-800 is available for Windows (VST, 32 bit & 64 bit) and macOS (VST/AU, 64 bit).

    If you like this kind of emulations, I also recommend you Tricent mk III and MPS by the same developer.

    More information: Full Bucket Music

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