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    Cedar: Harmonico Is a Free Kontakt Library by Visionary Robots Industries


    Kontakt Hub has released Harmonico, a free sample library of classical guitar harmonics by Visionary Robots Industries.

    The harmonics are mapped to a 5-octave range. As effects, there is a reverb that lets you add depth to the sound, also a convolution processor. The library includes IRs to enhance/transform the sound of the harmonics to turn it into pads, drones, ambiences, atmospheres etc.


    • 5-octave range
    • 10 custom made IRs for the Reverb
    • 24 custom made IRs for the Convolution x 3 different lengths (72 total IRs)
    • 251.3 MB total size
    • sample format: 48KHz, 24 bit, NCW, stereo

    Harmonico requires a full version of Native Instruments Kontakt 5.6.5 or above (the free player version will load it in demo mode). Keep in mind that in order to download it for free, an account at Kontakt Hub is required (registration also free).

    More information: Kontakt Hub

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