Moss Equalizer Free EQ VST Plugin

Stone Voices has announced the release of Moss Equalizer, a free eq VST plugin for DAWs operating on Windows.

With Moss Equalizer you can change the amplitude-frequency characteristic of the audio track as you like. For example, you can increase the bass & treble level, remove the infrasound and the so-called “rumble” microphone, also cut out the noise created by the interference of the 50/60 Hz AC network.

Stone Voices says this equalizer can perform the modeling of so-called comb filters, which allow obtaining an effect whose sound very much resembles a vocoder. As a bonus, a set of files with comb filter settings for all 12 midtones (major, minor, pentatonic, etc) is included.

A few days ago we also wrote about MASBAX, a transparent mixbus/mastering equalizer plugin.

Moss Equalizer is a VST/VST3 effect plugin (32- and 64-bit) for Windows.

More information: Stone Voices

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