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    Spitfire Audio Releases Tundra Atmos Free LABS Expansion


    Spitfire Audio has announced the release of Tundra Atmos, a free LABS expansion featuring a combination of synths, pads and textures.

    While on various shoots in the Northern hemisphere for Albion Tundra, we captured the natural sounds of near-silent environments — lava flows in the volcanic hinterlands of Iceland, a lapping Scottish loch and a dense Estonian forest — treated and warped to create atmospheric textures.

    Tundra Atmos works within LABS, a proprietary Spitfire Audio virtual instrument specially made for loading all their freeware libraries. It is freeware and is compatible with all DAWs and plugin hosts (Windows VST/AAX and macOS VST/AU).

    The collection of free libraries for LABS is constantly growing, with instruments such as strings, pianos, guitars, and many more.

    More information: Spitfire Audio

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