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    Sonic Atoms Releases Free Novel Piano for Halion Sonic SE (VST/AU)


    Sonic Atoms has announced the release of Novel Piano, a free piano sample-based library for Halion Sonic SE (freeware plugin).

    The library features samples captured from a contemporary upright piano. The recording process took place in a semi-dry room, thus the virtual instrument has a nice and present close sound.

    A beautiful and warm sounding upright piano. Sampled with and without mute pedal. Every note sounds different and has its own character which gives very natural and organic results.

    This sample library is far from being sterile. It has its unique sonic quality which fits perfectly into calm and intimate music genres.

    The piano was recorded with 7 microphones, also the team spent a lot of time in post-production, carefully choosing samples from different takes to make sure each sounds nice and clear. All recorded tracks were denoised and mixed to stereo. The result is a library that is light for both CPU and RAM – a perfect companion for traveling musicians who use notebooks.

    Novel Pian has a simple GUI with three knobs: “Release Noise”, “Character” and “Reverb Mix”. The first knob controls the key release mechanism volume, the second cuts or boosts high frequencies with the help of eq and filter. The “Reverb Mix” is a hall type reverb and can be turned off completely if needed.

    Novel Piano works within Halion Sonic SE 3.4 sample player (free download – VST, AU, AAX), or Halion 6/Halion Sonic 6.

    If you’re looking for more free piano instruments, I suggest you trying Resonance, Rare Groove, Upright, or the experimental Wolno.

    More information: Sonic Atoms

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