Quarantine Piano Free Virtual Instrument for Kontakt

Marco Belloni has announced the release of Quarantine Piano, a free virtual instrument for Kontakt based on a Yamaha U3 piano.

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The Yamaha U3 was sampled with two Aston Starlights in vintage mode and a Rode NT2000. Marco says this is not just a piano, but rather a toolkit offering 5 versions of the piano (both normal and felt) and other sound-designed goodies that can possibly let you create full tracks with this library alone.

Quarantine Piano library consists of an array of patches (30 NKI instruments) such as Piano, Felt Piano, Flickering Piano, Harmonic Piano, sound designed elements, percussive presets, and other extra utility patches to enhance your tracks.

The library is 2.1 GB in size and requires a full version of Kontakt v5.8.1 and above.

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More information: Marco Belloni

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