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    HaNon B70 Free Organ Virtual Instrument Plugin Released at Lostin70s


    Lostin70s has announced the release of HaNon B70, a free organ virtual instrument plugin for Windows and macOS.

    HaNon B70 simulates a B3 Hammond organ equipped with a Leslie 122 speaker. The plugin is based on the emulation of the 91 tonewheels, which rotate permanently at low CPU consumption. HaNon B70 features natural keyclicks and relatively simple synthesis.

    The Leslie is composed of tube preamp, tube power AMP amplifier, and the emulation of the 2 rotors and first reflections on the body.


    • 91 tonewheels permanently active
    • simulation of the tube amplification and drive
    • natural keyclicks (but adjustable)
    • percussions, chorus, vibrato, and reverb
    • Leslie speaker’s speed can be controlled with MIDI controller
    • 2 channels and two sets of drawbars and a split with MIDI learn for a single keyboard

    Last month we wrote about another great vintage organ emulation, namely CollaB3 tonewheel organ by Sampleson. And in 2019, we featured Kee Bass by Martinic – fantastic plugin that emulates the Rheem Kee Bass monophonic string bass keyboard.

    HaNon B70 is available in various plugin formats for Windows (VST/VST3, AAX) and macOS (VST3, AAX & AU), 64-bit supported. You can choose your desired format from the Downloads page at Lostin70s.

    NOTE: If you experience sound problems in FL Studio, click the gear icon on the plugin window (top left), then go to “VST wrapper settings” (plug & gear icon), next select “Processing” page and check the “Use fixed size buffers (for buggy plugins)” option.

    More information: Lostin70s

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