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    Borth Audio Releases Free Typewriter Virtual Instrument (Kontakt)

    Borth Audio has announced the release of Typewriter, a free NI Kontakt virtual instrument featuring the sound of a 1970s German typewriter.

    At the core of Typewriter, are 75 samples captured at 44.1 kHz/24 bit, stereo. There are covered different aspects of typewriting, including of course the actual typing, plus the individual sounds of the spacebar, shift and caps lock. Levers, rewind, the bell, paper feed & eject, paper crumpling & tearing are also added.

    The interface is well designed and pleasant to the eye. You’ll find four modules: “Tuning” covering three octaves, “Release” up to 4 seconds, “Overdrive” with tone and amount, and “Reverb” with amount and “Bright Room” controls.

    Typewriter requires 14 MB of free hard drive space and a full version of Native Instruments Kontakt 5.8.1 or above (Kontakt Player isn’t supported).

    If you want to test out another free typewriter virtual instrument, check the one made by Wavesfactory a few years ago, with sounds captured from a Royal typewriter. Although it shares the same name, the concept is different, being characterized by a three-page interface and 4 mic positions.

    Another cool library by Borth Audio is Sticky Rain.

    More information: Borth Audio

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