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    Diwine Sound Design Releases PAD Project Free NI Kontakt Library


    Diwine Sound Design has announced the release of PAD Project, a free sample-based library for NI Kontakt.

    We asked Antonello, the good guy behind DSD Diwine, for more details about his latest release. Here’s his answer:

    “As a musician/sound designer, in most cases, I like to use my own fine-tuned sounds. Pads are one of the most used kinds of sounds because they fit a large number of musical, cinematic or soundscapes situations. During the time I created my own collection and now I decided to package part of it for sharing with other musicians.

    The currently released PAD Project is the first part of a bigger project where the following step will be the release of pad layered sounds. The current release contains 18 basic “cherry-picked” patches, modeled on NI Kontakt 6 each one with a few relevant controls – Attack and Release & Cutoff and Resonance – that let the user tune the sounds as needed. Some basic effects are added too. Probably also an Halion 6 modeled release will be available soon.

    The library is designed for professional use: I opted for a sampling rate of 48k/24bit that is providing basic waves with very high quality and high flexibility in case of further transformations without decrease the final result. Also, the number of samples for each patch is quite high for this genre and this ensures a better sound spread along with all the keyboard.”

    PAD Project has a library size of 585MB (unpacked) and is distributed under the Creative Commons License. You will need a full version of Native Instruments Kontakt to load it.

    For a comprehensive selection of free Kontakt instruments visit our dedicated category. If I were to recommend one more library today, the first one that would come to mind would be The Free Orchestra. It has an array of orchestral patches and is compatible with Kontakt Player.

    More information: DSD Diwine

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