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    Baby Audio Releases Magic Switch Free One-Button Chorus Effect Plugin

    Baby Audio has announced the release of Magic Switch, a free effect plugin for Windows and macOS.

    Magic Switch is a free micro-plugin based on the “Magic” feature from their Super VHS plugin. It offers a lush one-button chorus effect loosely inspired by classic 1980s Japanese designs, but developed with modern-day users in mind.

    Caspar from Baby Audio told us: “We wanted to create a one-button chorus effect as gratifying and magical as the Juno chorus. But since there’s already a thousand emulations of the Juno chorus, it made little sense to release #1001. Instead, we wanted Magic Switch to be its own thing, with its own sound.

    Magic Switch is designed for the software age, where the source material is cleaner, louder and often begs for a more radical transformation. Super VHS is all about adding that bit of ‘otherness’ to a clean sound — and Magic Switch may be its most distinctive effect. So we’re excited to give it away as a free stand-alone plugin.”

    This plugin was originally developed for the British magazine MusicTech who offered it exclusively to its readers for a three month period between December 2019 and March 2020. It is now being made available to everyone.

    Magic Switch reminds me about Push by Sampleson. Both have a “one-button” configuration, but the similarities end here, because Push is a synthesizer and creates a new patch every single time you hit that button in the middle.

    In order to download Magic Switch, a valid email address is required for the link to be sent, also you’ll be signed up for baby Audio’s mailing list.

    More information: Baby Audio

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