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    Assemblage 23 Releases Waveformless Sample Collection with 1,400 Sounds (Free/PWYW)

    Assemblage 23 has announced the release of Waveformless Sample Collection, a free/PWYW library of 1,400 different samples, drums, multi-samples, field recordings & foley, synth presets and much more.

    Many moons ago, I used to write a blog for Electronic musicians called Waveformless. One of the more popular features there was something called Free Sample Friday, where every Friday I’d upload a bunch of free samples fitting a specific theme for other musicians to use freely. It might be anything from a multisampled synth sound to lofi drum sounds to field recordings of a Glasgow elevator.

    These samples haven’t been available online for a long time, so I thought the current pandemic having everyone stuck inside would be a good time to make them available here. And in the spirit of the original, they are yours to use free. I’ve made these pay what you want, so you can throw me some ducats if you wish, but you don’t need to pay a thing.

    Waveformless Sample Collection weighs in at 750MB (unzipped size) and includes chords & hits, drum shots, field recordings, fx, foley, multi-sampled hardware synths, percussion, and software presets (DIVA, FM8, Sculpture, Strobe, Massive, Dune, etc). There are 1,400 samples inside, most of them in 24-bit, but there are also included some older unreleased samples that are in 16-bit. You can download it for free or make a donation if you wish.

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