55% off Function Loops Premium Bundles + 9 Ideas to Make Money From Your Music

Function Loops has announced 55% off their Premium Bundles for trance/psy, pop, house, hip hop/trap, techno and EDM.

Each Premium Bundle contains all Function Loops popular collections and worth over $1000 when all the included packs are bought separately. It brings an insane amount of loops, samples, MIDI, synth presets, stems, vocals & acapellas, SFX and much more.

Once purchased, you will have a complete solution and access to thousands of production tools, everything needed to make music, as fast as possible.

Plus, everything is 100% royalty-free, meaning you’ll have full control over what you create. Speaking of music production, Function Loops has also released a blog post with 9 ideas to make money from your music.

The 55% off promo on Premium Bundles is valid for a limited time.

More information: Function Loops

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