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    SoundSpot Creative Mixing Collection Is Free with Any Purchase at Plugin Boutique


    Any purchase at Plugin Boutique throughout March brings a free copy of SoundSpot Creative Mixing Collection – bundle of three creative effects plugins (worth £209.95/$277).

    SoundSpot Creative Mixing Collection contains the following plugins:

    Nebula, a truly all-in-one multi-effect unit. It includes stereo delay, chorus, flanger, filter & LFO, and can be used to create unpredictable and engaging audio processing for all of your instruments.

    Percolate, which lets you take complete control over your drum loops and rhythmic samples. For example, you can separate and target the snare, hi-hat and percussion parts of the beat and fine-tune how loud they are perceived in your mix.

    With MSW2 you can fine-tune the stereo width of any part of your production. This stereo expander and mono-maker can be used to subtly improve your mixes or pushed to the extreme to achieve a vast range of creative stereo manipulation.

    In order to obtain a free copy of SoundSpot Creative Mixing Collection, just add any product in the Plugin Boutique store to your cart. SoundSpot Creative Mixing Collection will automatically be added to your cart.

    The promo is valid until March 31st, 2020.

    More information: Plugin Boutique

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