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    Sharooz Raoofi Releases Principle Pleasure Studios Pack with 1GB+ of Samples

    Sharooz Raoofi has announced the release of Principle Pleasure Studios, a free sample pack that contains multi-samples and drum samples collected from various analog synthesizers and drum machines.

    Sharooz Raoofi is a London-based electronic music artist and founder of Sample Magic. From his Facebook: “Working at my LA studio has been a privilege – sorely missed right now with travel restrictions. A few years ago I multi sampled my favourite synths and drumboxes (100+ of them) in the event that if ever I couldn’t get there, I’d have instant access.

    I’ve really enjoyed these sounds, they’re my go-to palette. Now feels an ideal time to share them. There’s over 1GB of samples, all put through the best channel strips and converters around, unprocessed.”

    We cannot thank Sharooz enough for his generosity. Like him, many other developers and producers came up with freebies these days, for example, Ghosthack with its Spring Freebie Pack or Native Instruments which set free Analog Dreams library for Kontakt Player.

    Principle Pleasure Studios sample pack is available via WeTransfer. At the time of writing this article, there are 6 days left until the download link is disabled. I have no information if this link will be updated afterward, so download it now.

    More information: Sharooz Raoofi

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