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    Sender Spike Releases Free Echobox D7 Effect Plugin

    Sender Spike has announced the release of Echobox D7, a free echo VST effect plugin for DAW’s or other plugin hosts operating on Windows.

    The author describes it as “nasty and dirty”. Further, we find out that Echobox D7 is a model of an echo mode found in a particular Japanese stomp-box, which in turn is a model of one of the two most revered analog tape echos in music history.


    • Delay Time – adjusts, well, delay time (overall range is 30 – 2600 ms)
    • Repeat – adjusts the amount of feedback (values above 5 result in (self-)oscillation)
    • Delay Level – sets the volume of delays that gets mixed with dry signal (not wet/dry ratio!)
    • Range – sets the delay time range in which the Delay Time knob operates (30-160, 120-650, 480-2600 ms)
    • Mute – “true” bypass in the sense that it also clears the delay buffer, so you get the behavior as with regular stomp-box
    • Manual BPM sync – a set of six “kick” buttons and one three-way switch that allow quick setting of musically relevant delay times relative to the actual project tempo
    • Dry – adjusts the level of the dry signal
    • Pan – adjusts the stereo position of delayed signal (stereo tracks only)
    • Cross-fade – again, pretty self-explanatory, this control adjusts feedback cross-fade from stereo, through mono, to inverse (stereo tracks only)

    Echobox D7 is available in VST plugin version for Windows only. Some time ago we wrote about other plugins from Sender SPike, namely, SN05-G brickwall limiter and SN01-G compressor. Both are free and very good, so I see no reason for you not to expand your arsenal of plugins.

    More information: Sender Spike

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