Mverb 2020 Free Reverb Effect Plugin by SocaLabs

SocaLabs has announced the release of Mverb 2020, a free reverb effect plugin based on Mverb by Martin Eastwood Audio.

Mverb 2020 is a studio-quality, open-source reverb. Its release is intended to provide a practical demonstration of Dattorro’s figure-of-eight reverb structure and provide the open-source community with a high-quality reverb.

SocaLabs version is basically the 64-bit update of Martin Eastwood’s reverb. Another difference is that the interface has the standard SocaLabs look.

Mverb 2020 is available in Windows (VST 32 & 64-bit), macOS (VST/AU 64-bit) and Linux (VST 64-bit) plugin versions. The download is instant.

More information: SocaLabs

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