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    Melodic Wrenches Is a Free SFZ Library by Michael Picher

    Michael Picher has released Melodic Wrenches, a free SFZ sample library featuring sounds captured from custom percussion instruments made out of wrenches.

    Melodic Wrenches library features a 3-octave “wrenchophone” (with strikes recorded with a plastic mallet and another wrench), homemade wrench wind chimes, and various impact effects (single, clusters, and an entire handful of wrenches). 2 microphone perspectives were used (modern stereo condensers or vintage mono dynamic) and 3 round robins.

    You can access built-in effects such as cutoff, sample start, attack, tremolo, slow-mo. These will allow you to further alter and fine-tune the sounds. All in all, Melodic Wrenches is perfect for creating melodic parts and especially, for sound design.

    Because this library is in SFZ format, you will need an SFZ player like Sforzando (also free of charge). Other technical details: 48 kHz/24-bit, FLAC, Stereo/Mono audio quality and 366.7 MB size on disk. As for downloading, this is done through Payhip and you will need an email address.

    More information: Michael Picher

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