Madameberry Stream Sounds Free Vocal Sample Pack

Ben Burnes has announced the release of Micro Sample Packs, a free collection of vocal samples collected from Twitch streams. The first title in the series is Madameberry Stream Sounds – pack that contains 15 female vocals/speech.

During my Twitch streams, viewers collect points for watching. One of the ways they can redeem those points is by requesting a sample pack. These packs are often a collection of 15-20 sounds centered around a specific theme.

Madameberry Stream Sounds: I’ve used sounds captured from Madameberry’s Twitch channel over the past few years. In this pack, I went through her saved clips for funny/interesting highlights.

More coming soon!

These sounds are public domain (Creative Commons 0), meaning you are free to enhance, reuse, remix, or do whatever with these files.

Madameberry Stream Sounds sample pack is available via Gumroad, under a pay-what-you-want pricing basis, where “0” is a free download. If you’re looking for more vocal samples, I also recommend you these free ambient female vocals by Angelic Vibes.

More information: Ben Burnes Gumroad

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