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    Linda Audio Releases RockAmp Free VST Guitar Amp Simulator


    Linda Audio has announced the release of RockAmp, a free VST guitar amp simulator for DAWs and plugin hosts running in Windows.

    The author says RockAmp is his first attempt at creating a VST guitar amp simulator. It doesn’t simulate any hardware and didn’t use advanced circuit emulation algorithms, everything was done “by ear”. Linda Audio specifies this is only an amp simulator, it does not feature cabinet simulator.

    RockAmp features 3 drive modes – “Clean”, “Rock” and “Metal” – each one differs in gain amount but also in distortion character and pre-equalization.


    • Bright – engages algorithm which accentuates higher frequencies dynamically
    • Pre Equalizer – not only shapes input signal frequencies but in “Rock” and “Metal” drive modes also significantly affects the drive level and character.
    • Post Equalizer – shapes output signal frequencies.
    • Gate – low pass filter on the input signal controlled by envelope follower.
    • Tight – affects how fast is the drive response to signal.
    • Fat – adds even harmonics to the signal.
    • Body – adds some middle and higher mid-range and some more aggression.
    • Mod – modulation effect which can be set up like chorus, flanger or vibrato.
    • Delay – simple delay effect with overdrive and filter in feedback loop – it can be introduced by Thresh amount.

    RockAmp is available in VST (VST2/VST3) 32- & 64-bit plugin formats for Windows only. The download is instant, registration isn’t required.

    More information: Linda Audio

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