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    AudioFB Releases Natasha Free Binaural Room Simulator Effect Plugin

    AudioFB has announced the release of Natasha, a free binaural room simulator effect plugin for Windows and macOS.

    Natasha is a binaural environment modeling plugin inspired by a binaural microphone built in our studio and also in one of our rooms. For a limited time, this plugin will be FREE!

    Plugin features:

    • XY PAD – pan and distance.
    • Elevation – 40º up / 40º down.
    • Room control:
      • Room Size – 20m (non scale).
      • Reflex – reflections of the room.
      • HP Filter – high pass filter on reverb.
      • Damp – attenuation of high reverb frequencies.

    AudioFB Natasha is available in 64-bit versions for the following formats: VST (Windows) and VST/VST3/AU/AAX (macOS).

    More information: AudioFB

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