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    SeteChave Free Stereo Compressor Released by AudioFusion: Bureau

    AudioFusion: Bureau has announced the release of SeteChave, a free stereo compressor plugin for Windows and macOS.

    The author says SeteChave is a versatile compressor with characteristics close to the “pumping” effect. It is ideal for parallel compression on instruments or mixing.


    • Input – input signal gain control from -12db to + 12db
    • Att – attack ranging from 1.2ms to 500ms
    • Rel – release ranging from 20ms to 5s
    • Thereshold – with decibel range from 0db to -36db
    • Ratio – compression ratio, ranging from 1: 1 to 200: 1
    • Knee – curve gives compression, which varies between values 1 and 5 output – output
    • signal gain control from -12db to + 12db.

    SeteChave is an effect plugin for Windows and macOS. Installers contain 64-bit versions of the following formats: VST2, VST3, AU & AAX. The download requires adding to cart and checkout.

    More information: AudioFusion: Bureau

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