SN05-G Free Brickwall Limiter Plugin

Sender Spike has announced the release of SN05-G Brickwall Limiter, a free limiter plugin for Windows.

SN05-G, as its name implies, is a brickwall limiter. Its main purpose is to sit at the very end of the signal chain in DAW, but it can be used on individual tracks, too. Click and drag the knobs to increase or decrease the values; Ctrl+click the knobs to reset them to defaults.


  • Gain: Sets the input gain from 0dB to +24dB.
  • Ceiling: Sets the sample peak ceiling 0dBFS to -24dBFS.
  • AT: Sets the attack time of the limiter (0.02-10ms).
  • R1: Sets the release time of the limiter (1-5000ms).
  • R2: Sets the release time of the clipper (0.1-20ms or 0.1-500ms with limiter on).
  • Limit/Clip: Flip this switch up (Limit) to engage limiter before clipper. Flip this switch down
    (Clip) to bypass the limiter (signal passes only through clipper).
  • GR meter: Displays the amount of GR* (limiter or clipper, depending on L/C switch).
  • L/C: Select L to display the limiter’s GR*, select C to display clipper’s GR*.

*Note: GR = gain reduction

SN05-G Brickwall Limiter is available in VST format 32- and 64-bit for Windows only. The download is direct, registration isn’t required.

More information: Sender Spike

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