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    Hornet Plugins Releases RhyGenerator One Free Euclidean Step Sequencer

    Hornet Plugins, in collaboration with electronic music artist HATEFISh, have released RhyGenerator One, a free Euclidean step sequencer instrument plugin for Windows and macOS. RhyGenerator One is the simplified version of the RhyGenerator commercial plugin.

    As the name implies, RhyGenerator One features only one step sequencer, in comparison to RhyGenerator that comes with 16 step sequencers. The sequencer is designed to distribute as evenly as possible a certain number of “beats” in a given number of “steps”. The author points us to Wikipedia, where we find a broader explanation:

    The Euclidean rhythm in music was discovered by Godfried Toussaint in 2004 and is described in a 2005 paper “The Euclidean Algorithm Generates Traditional Musical Rhythms”.[1] The greatest common divisor of two numbers is used rhythmically giving the number of beats and silences, generating almost all of the most important World Music rhythms,[2] (except Indian).[3] The beats in the resulting rhythms are as equidistant as possible; the same results can be obtained from the Bresenham algorithm.

    With RhyGenerator One you can create a rhythm, consisting of up to 32 steps. You can control the number of steps and beats separately, the velocity and the length of the note. You can also shift the sequence of any number of steps to create upbeats and movement, every parameter in the sequencer can be automated for a more interesting effect.

    The plugin comes in VST/VST3, AAX, and AU plugin versions for Windows and macOS.

    More information: Hornet Plugins

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