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    BeatSkillz Releases Slam Pup Free Compressor & Tube Drive Plugin

    BeatSkillz has announced the release of Slam Pup, a free effect plugin – combination of a compressor and tube drive.

    Gaurav Dayal from BeatSkillz says Slam Pup combines the “thrusty” compression from their favorite American compressor (API 2500) and a “gritty” Multistage Tube Drive from one of their favorite British saturators (Thermionic Culture Culture Vulture). The result is a 2 knob beast, that can get you sounding “phat” in seconds. A simple and fun to use little plugin – no guesswork or crazy science needed. Just tweak away and find your own “sweet spot”.

    Slam Pup can be used for mixing, you can apply it on any sound, but is well suited for drums and basses. The plugin also comes preloaded with 10 presets; you can add your own presets too (click the “Save” icon).

    Slam Pup is available in plugin versions for Windows (VST3) and macOS (VST3/AU), 64-bit supported. In order to download it, you’ll be asked for a valid email address. A license file isn’t required.

    More information: BeatSkillz

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