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    Manda Audio Release 7Q Free Equalizer Plugin Inspired by Kjaerhus Audio Classic EQ


    Manda Audio, the creators of the highly-acclaimed MT Power Drum Kit 2, have releases 7Q, a free equalizer plugin inspired by the popular Classic EQ by Kjaerhus Audio.

    7Q is designed as a simple but effective 64 bit alternative to the graphical EQ with musically predefined bands and Q values. With the integrated high pass and low pass filters, you can tidy up your mix and make it more transparent.

    You can use it as your main EQ for an instrument or vocal track or simply for a rough clean up before sending your signal into a compressor or adding other effects. 7Q features a low memory and CPU usage, allowing you to integrate it with every track of your project, if necessary.

    7Q equalizer is free at Manda Audio, no registration required. Plugin versions: VST/AU/AAX for macOS & VST/AAX for Windows.

    More information: Manda Audio

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