Free SPre Preamp/Filter

Analog Obsession has announced the release of SPre, a free preamp/filter effect plugin for Windows and macOS, that brings back the vintage color from SP1200.

SPre emulates the preamp and filter of the legendary SP-1200 sampler by E-mu Systems. The plugin includes functions like pitch down/up, filter (cutoff and Q-factor), dynamic filter section (attack and release), dry/wet control and an output volume control. There’s also a switchable sequencer for filter included.

All features below:

  • FREQ. – variable cut-off frequency
  • Q -variable cut-off frequency Q Factor
  • ATTACK – setting for attack time of Dynamic filter
  • RELEASE – setting for release time of Dynamic filter
  • MODE – variable mode select knob between Static and Dynamic filters
  • MIX – mix for Direct Sample and SPre preamp
  • OUT – clean output
  • SEQ – sequencer for filter. When you engage Sequencer, dynamic filter deactivates. Attack will be fixed and Release will set Sequencer speed. Also, you can follow speed by indicator.
  • PITCH – will set the pitch of sample (DOWN/UP)
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Analog Obsession SPre is available for free on the Analog Obsession website (no strings attached). You can download it on the download section at the bottom of the product page (no account needed). It runs on Windows and macOS as VST, VST3, and AU plugin.

More information: Analog Obsession


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