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    Cinematique Instruments Releases Sonic Wasteland Free Kontakt Library

    Cinematique Instruments have released Sonic Wasteland, the latest free Kontakt library in their Klang series of unpublished instruments, sound experiments, theoretical musical thought concepts or random products.

    Wandering through wastelands is something not many of us have actually done, but the feeling of it seems strangely familiar. Kind of like the feeling of a somewhat lonely late-night studio session. When you are chasing ideas without having a certain goal, feeling restless but still finding creative beauty in being alone. Sonic Wasteland was created in such a setting, when Nik was recording Guitar Harmonics while tapping on his Strat. By sending his sounds through an old tape machine and adding a vintage Glockenspiel and a resonance-pad, a new Klang was done.

    Sonic Wasteland contains Tapped Guitar Harmonics that can be mixed together with a vintage Glockenspiel and a resonance-pad that is controlled by the modwheel. Included controls and effects are Tone, Chorus, Delay Tremolo, and Amp FX and also with 9 different types of reverb.

    This instrument requires a full version of Native Instruments Kontakt full version. If you load it in Kontakt Player version, it will be in demo mode.

    More information: Cinematique Instruments

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