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    Bunker Samples Releases Dan Bau Pad Free Kontakt Instrument


    Bunker Samples has announced the release of Dan Bau Pad, a free Kontakt instrument featuring the sound of a Vietnamese Dan Bau (monochord) and an EBow.

    Dan Bau Pad is a simple but beautiful pad that was made with a Vietnamese Đàn Bầu which is traditionally played with a bamboo pick. It is very difficult to play because you only play the natural harmonics and then you get all the notes in between by moving the bamboo handle, which you also use to add vibrato. The author played it with an EBow. The resulted samples were processed with a delay effect.

    The virtual instrument has very simple controls, such as dynamics and a little bit of filter action on the mod wheel, attack, release, and sample start offset.

    Dan Bau Pad can be loaded within Native Instruments Kontakt (full version, v5.6.6 or later) The free Kontakt Player will load this library in demo mode.

    This instrument is free as a holiday gift from Bunker Samples for a limited time.

    More information: Bunker Samples

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