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    Waves Is Giving Away Berzerk Distortion Plugin – Free This Black Friday Only

    Waves have announced their annual Black Friday freebie, this time is a distortion effect plugin called Berzerk.

    Berzerk is a creative distortion plugin for Windows and macOS. It is valued at $99 but you can download it for free only this Black Friday.

    Waves engineers collected a large array of distortion units of all types: amps, tube devices, stompboxes, and old analog units. They then developed original custom wave shapes based on their all-time favorite distortion curves. Berzerk includes 10 unique shapes, each with its own personality. Some transform the sound to add grit, dirt, character; others will blow your head off.

    The “Go Berzerk!” button creates random variations in each waveshape, letting you personalize the signal. Turn the Density knob to shift the waveshape in amplitude, but watch out—it might get loud! The feedback section can either run a tunable sine wave through the signal, producing interesting bass lines, melodies or rhythms; or it can oscillate while “riding” the input—think crazy synthesized vocal FX.

    There’s also a “Dynamics” section that sits before the distortion and twists the character of the generated harmonics. Berzerk also offers unique M/S processing, distorting just the mids or just the sides when needed; a master Temperature knob to control the overall color and feel of the output; and an overall mix knob.

    Berzerk is available for free for all registered Waves users (VST/AU/AAX, Windows & macOS). The promotion is valid only this Black Friday (today? this weekend?).

    Waves are running a huge Black Friday Sale with 50% off everything (coupon code BF50). Plus, if you spend $50, you can choose 1 free plugin. Or spend $100 and choose 2 free plugins!

    More information: Waves

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